Good-Natured Landscapes LLC designs landscapes to benefit humans and the many plants, wildlife, resources and natural systems which keep our Earth beautiful, resilient, and need our protection. This has been our mission since 2005. We do this by blending local ecology, landscape design principles, sustainable practices, garden artistry and featuring native plants. We also work in partnership with you, listening to your specific needs, wants, problems, and ideas. We also offer installation and sustainable maintenance (stewardship) services to our design clients.

Serving most of Chicago's western suburbs

Hummingbird moth photo on Monarda- Good-Natured Landscapes

Kindness Matters

Since 90 percent of the land on this Earth is privately owned, it’s up to us to be kind to the Earth.  We receive many benefits in return.

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Save Money, Add value

A landscape plan saves you time and money spent on re-planting or re-doing a landscape without a plan. A sustainable landscape adds more value.

Interested in a landscape design plan?

If you live in our service area and have questions or would like to set up a free meeting to discuss your project.