About beautiful, functional, kind to the Earth landscapes

Each of our landscapes are part of the bigger landscape called Earth. Since 90 percent of the Earth’s land is privately owned, every landscape, every plant matters. Knowing this, our goal is to design aesthetically pleasing, functional landscapes while

  • Providing healthy landscapes for people and pets.
  • Providing wildlife habitat and green corridors (connections to larger habitat areas).
  • Protecting ecosystem services  (these are the services nature provides to us for free and are required for our survival )
  • Providing stormwater solutions for cleaner water, less flooding.
  • Reducing pollution (water, air, light, pesticides, noise, invasive plants)
  • Improving and protecting soils.
  • Using locally available, recycled and/or renewable resources.
  • Including some of your existing plants and edible gardens.
  • Incorporating your goals, budget, style

About Denise Sandoval, landscape designer and owner

Denise started this business in 2005, after completing her Horticulture degree in landscape design and making the great career change leap from engineering. While attending Horticulture school, she began volunteering at restoration sites and realized she wanted to transform landscapes to benefit all things sharing this Earth. Her mission, since day one, is blending local ecology, water and habitat conservation, and other sustainable elements with great design.

She’s been gardening with native plants, performing prescribed burns, volunteering at restoration sites, and collecting native seed for over 18 years. She’s also grown many vegetables & herbs from seed. She worked at both The Natural Garden’s native plant retail nursery and The Conservation Foundation as a Conservation@Home assistant. She’s been a Wild Ones Greater DuPage board member for 17 years, DuPage Monarch Project Board member, and coordinated an environmental club at her local grammar school for 7 years. The natural world is still her greatest inspiration and teacher.

Why Native Plants ?

All plants are not equal when it comes to supporting wildlife, improving soil and water, reducing pollution, and many other benefits.

Make a difference, one yard at a time. We can help you!

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