About beautiful, functional, kind to the Earth landscapes, using native plants

Let us help you:

  • Realize your landscape vision
  • Provide food, shelter, nesting areas, clean water and rest stops for wildlife.
  • Redirect stormwater run-off into a rain garden, rain barrel or planted area to protect waterways, reduce flooding, move water away from house.
  • Eliminate landscape pollution: air/emissions, light, pesticides, noise, invasive plants.
  • Sequester carbon with deep rooted native plants, trees and healthier soils. 
  • Use locally available, recycled and/or renewable resources
  • Reconnect with nature, which too often escapes us during our busy, technology driven lives. 
  • Save money!  Reduce the costs of mistakes often made when you don’t have a professional plan. Reduce energy use with strategic plant arrangement and replacing lawn with a more resilient, lower maintenance landscape. 

About Denise Sandoval, landscape designer and owner

Denise integrates her passion for the environment and local ecology, design skills, client collaboration, and knowledge of native plants to design your custom landscape for both inner and outer beauty. She started this business in 2005 to help those who understand the importance of a nature-based landscape.

Denise completed her horticulture degree, specializing in landscape design in 2003.  She’s walks the talk by gardening with native plants in her own yard, performing prescribed burns, volunteering at restoration sites, and collecting native seed for over 18 years. She worked at The Natural Garden, the pioneer native plant nursery, which later closed and was purchased by Midwest Groundcovers. She certified yards and taught classes for The Conservation Foundation.  She also served on the board of Wild Ones Greater DuPage for 17 years and Du Page Monarch Project.  In 2014, one of her  design projects received the Chicago Wilderness Native Landscaping and Conservation award. The natural world is her greatest inspiration and teacher!

Why Native Plants ?

Native plants are the most sustainable plants for our area.

Ready to make a difference? We can help you!

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