NAPERVILLE PROJECT – Large backyard rain garden, wildlife habitat

This design features a large rain garden in the backyard, new composite deck, and bioswale in side yard to infiltrate and divert water away from house.

Photo of yard before Rain Garden Project


Naperville Rain Garden 1 year after installation

YEAR LATER, SPRING: This rain garden directs run-off away from house’s downspouts and into the rain garden by conveying the rainfall using a dry stream bed.

Naperville Rain Garen

YEAR LATER, SPRING: View looking toward rain garden, where the run-off enters the rain garden. There is a stone bridge across the dry stream bed.

Naperville Rain Garden Project Design Plan

Rain Garden and Deck Design Plan

Landscape design plan for this rain garden and deck by Good-Natured Landscapes LLC. Bioswale design not shown here. 

Rain garden installation by Rent A Gardener, Inc. with Installation Assistance from Good-Natured Landscapes LLC. Deck was installed by homeowner.

Naperville Rain Garden Project Dimension Plan

Rain Garden Dimension Plan

In addition to a design plan, you will also receive:

  • Dimension plan showing layout and construction information. 
  • Plant photos
  • Watering and planting instructions
  • Two page local native plant sale and nursery list.
  • Stewardship handout, yearly newsletter, educational  website blogFacebook  and YouTube  information.

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