NAPERVILLE PROJECT – Front yard rain garden, wildlife bird habitat, no lawn

Permeable walkway, wildlife habitat, recycled and local materials front door landscape photo

This side yard is now a beautiful rain garden and wildlife bird habitat, eliminating all lawn.  Since it’s in the front yard, hopefully passersby will think about their downspout run-off and need for a lawn. Paths throughout allow access to water spigot, homeowner’s bird feeders & baths, plants, and gate through arbor. 

Before photo


Prairie Garden wildlife habitat Naperville yard image

A well designed rain garden has carefully chosen plants, keeps water away from the house, considers overflow and grading, and integrates functionally and visually with the rest of the landscape.

Rain garden with native plants image

View looking toward rain garden, where downs spouts originate at house. 

permeable, recycled fire pit sitting area photo

Rain garden landscape design plan

Landscape design plan by Good-Natured Landscapes. Installation by Rent A Gardener, Inc. with Good-Natured Landscapes providing Installation Assistance. 

Dimension drawing plan of Rain Garden

Rain Garden Dimension Plan

In addition to your design plan, you will also receive:

  • Dimension plan showing layout and construction information. . 
  • Plant photos.
  • Watering and planting instructions.  
  • Two page local nursery and plant sales for native plants
  • Stewardship handout, yearly newsletter, education blog, Facebook and YouTube information.  

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