NAPERVILLE PROJECT – permeable walkways, recycled and local materials, rain gardens, wildlife habitat, native plants

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Front yard native garden, permeable paths, new front deck entrance

Front entrance now has curb appeal, and so much more! The newly designed deck is made from recycled milk jugs, manufactured locally. A native plant garden infiltrates run-off from the adjacent driveway while providing wildlife habitat.  The new permeable walkway was constructed from pavers destined for the dump. Downspout moved to rain garden at opposite corner.   

Before photo


Rain garden with native plants image

Front rain garden in early spring, outlined in yellow, captures run-off from the entire front half of  house while any overflow is infiltrated by surrounding native plant gardens.

permeable, recycled fire pit sitting area photo

Fire ring  sitting  area is made of permeable materials and recycled pavers along border. Adjacent paver walkway is permeable

Prairie Garden wildlife habitat Naperville yard image

A prairie garden in side yard provides privacy and habitat for birds and butterflies, while infiltrating run-off from rest of the property.

Naperville Side Yard Prairie

Naperville side yard prairie with blue metal artwork from

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