ST. CHARLES PROJECT – Front yard with less lawn, bird habitat, pond and integrating existing plants.

Pond and native plants for wildlife front yard photo

Most of the front lawn was replaced with native plants for seasonal interest,  attracting birds and integrating homeowner’s existing plants.  A pond near the front door and picture window welcomes human, bird, frog and canine visitors – the neighbor’s dog from across the street relaxes on the rocks next to the pond every day.

Before photo


Native plants fall color season interest paths photo


front yard for birds color photo

“I often think of you when enjoying our beautiful native garden. Many types of butterflies and ruby throated hummingbirds frequent the flowers. Everything survived the hot, dry summer of the 2012 drought with little watering. Bill had a small pond put in where you suggested. We enjoy the green frogs and birds attracted to the water. One of the nicest compliments I’ve heard about the garden was from a woman who rides her bike down our street just to see our yard. It is a steep uphill after going around the cul-de-sac, but she said it is worth it.”

Carol L, St. Charles, IL

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