SERVICES (Design, Installation Assistance, Stewardship, Educational Programs)

Due to the Corona virus and Illinois’ Shelter in Place order, our services are temporarily on hold.


Below is an overview of our design process. A design can be for a section of the yard or for the entire yard. Designs can include single level patios or decks, walkways, paths, low walls, plus raised bed vegetable gardens, compost areas, and other structures. We can include your existing plants if healthy, not invasive and they meet design goals.  Our “ABOUT” page summarizes our nature-based landscape goals.  

  1.  Initial email/phone conversation to see if we’re a good fit. Email questionnaire for onsite meeting. 1 hour, No charge
  2.  Onsite meeting to discuss your project and ideas together while walking your property.  1-2 hours, No charge. 
  3.  If you’d like, we will generate a design estimate and project description for $100, 2-3 hours. Design costs depend on complexity, size, goals, existing plants to work around, problems to be resolved, etc. Photos are helpful, especially when designing in early spring or winter. 
  4. Upon acceptance of our estimate, we schedule your design planThe $100 estimate cost is deducted from design planning costs.  
  5. Design planning begins by revisiting your property to collect more data, developing high level design plan for feedback. Then developing the final detailed plan with supporting documents.  Your plat of survey, grading plan (if available), photos may be requested. 
  6. We present your final design plan, answer questions, discuss installation options, and collect final payment. We provide installation assistance services below. 


We provide hourly onsite consultation for a small areas (usually less than 100-150 sq feet) for 2 hours minimum. Consultations will give plant and design suggestions for a small area, and maybe a quick sketch, not to scale.  For larger, complex or multiple areas, you’ll be happier with a well thought out, nature based design plan described above.


With design plan in hand, you have the flexibility to install yourself, hire one of the independent landscape contractors we work with, or use your own contractor, when you’re ready.  Our installation assistance service is highly recommended to ensure a successful installation, saving money and time. This service includes any or all of the following: overseeing the quoting process, review plant and materials with contractor, and being onsite during the installation as needed to ensure design intent is followed. We also share our eco-friendly installation techniques for the do-it-yourselfer.  Hourly charge

GARDEN COACHING / STEWARDSHIP (for design clients)

Stewardship is environmentally friendly maintenance. This is not traditional maintenance. Stewardship is important the first 3-5 years, and on an ongoing basis. If you need help getting started, we can schedule a visit and work together with you as a garden coach. If you’d need stewardship help on an ongoing basis, we can share contractor names.  Hourly charge. We also share stewardship tips on  our Notebook blog and Facebook pages.


We give educational programs December-March to garden clubs, nurseries, environmental organizations such as The Green Earth Institute, Wild Ones ,Wild Things Conference, College of DuPage, The Conservation Foundation etc. Call for fees,  descriptions & available dates. Topics:

  • Rain Gardens – Tips and Common Mistakes (1 hour)
  • Gardening with Native Plants through the Seasons (1 1/4 hour) – With over 15+ years of designing and gardening with native plants, Denise shares which native plants are good for most gardens, are available at local plant sales and nurseries, helpful design and rain garden tips, and critical wildlife dependencies. 

We'd love to help you and the environment!

Please contact us if you are interested in our services or have questions. Thank you.

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