CAROL STREAM PROJECT – outdoor classroom

Carol Stream outdoor classroom habitat stormwater photo

Wouldn’t you like to study nature, art, history, science, math, etc. in a classroom like this?  Frogs, birds, and butterflies began visiting shortly after installation. Added bonus: standing water and mud in this area is no longer a problem. This garden was installed and maintained by parent, teacher and student volunteers.  It takes a village!

Before photo


Carol Stream outdoor classrooom stormwater management wildlife habitat photo

Being “in nature” and outdoors not only benefits the children, but the community! 

Prairie Garden wildlife habitat image

 Unstructured play time and learning outdoors in nature have many benefits!

Denise was the designer for an outdoor classroom  in Carol Stream where I teach first grade. She worked with me to create and incorporate three beautiful, distinct gardens for the children and others to enjoy: a bird garden, a butterfly garden, and a prairie. She is an expert in the area of native plants and is devoted to creating Earth-friendly spaces.
Last summer, Denise designed a small garden of native plants for my town house. The plants that were chosen will provide beauty for all the seasons. I highly recommend Denise as a landscape designer as well as a delightful person to know!

Sally B., Carol Stream

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