Wildlife are in crisis, as more and more natural areas and open spaces are destroyed by development and industrial farming. Add on pollution, invasive species, global warming, and many other problems. Resource: Worldwide decline of the entomofauna. Instead of feeling depressed, afraid or defeated, take action with ACTIVE HOPE ( https://www.activehope.info/active-hope.html ). “ACTIVE HOPE is not what you feel, it’s what you do”. Humans are too interconnected to wildlife, we can’t give up!

We can do something to make a difference! Creating more wildlife habitat is more important than ever! Start at home, then work together with local and global conservation groups, planners or land managers to save or create even more wildlife habitat , plus reduce pollution, global warming and other problems. ACTIVE HOPE.

Some examples:

Recently, a few residents and I, convinced city planners to put 100 acres of wetlands in a neighboring development under a conservation easement. This was done by attending all the city planning meetings for this new development to explain the need and benefits. We also partnered with local officials and later a local conservation organization who developed the easement. With this conservation easement, the wetlands are legally protected, ecologically maintained and funded forever by the new development. It took a *lot* of work and help, but together, we did it, and so can you! Other developments can create and protect wetlands for stormwater run-off and wildlife habitat, because green spaces increase property values ACTIVE HOPE.

As I drive around, I see so much lawn, invasive species, mosquito and lawn chemical trucks, and plants which do little to support wildlife. Someday homeowners will demand their landscapers and designers merge wildlife habitat, water and soil protection, carbon sequestration, reduced pesticides, and other sustainable elements with great design. Someday this will be the norm, not the exception. ACTIVE HOPE.

These homeowners wanted wildlife habitat in their front yard. We re-used some of their existing plants and added more native plants. Hopefully their neighbors will be inspired to do the same. ACTIVE HOPE.

Okay, I admit, I do feel scared and sad sometimes over what’s happening, but together we can make a difference and help each other. ACTIVE HOPE.

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