A red fox visited my fenced -in yard today in the middle of suburbia (sea of lawns).

There he was standing 2 feet away from me, nose to nose with my dog,  as we surprised each other that early October morning. We all looked at each other for a second not knowing what to do. I’ll never forget the fox’s little eyes looking up into mine. I also remember its fur matched the color of my dog’s fur exactly, who many say resembles a fox. A second later the fox ran into my prairie garden on the other side of my yard. 

My dog quickly followed and I followed my dog, running in and out through the thick prairie plants which are over 8′ tall in early October.  I could hear the  Benny Hill Theme Song playing in my head as we chased each other through the prairie garden. Honestly, this song was playing in my head as I ran around.

A few seconds later my dog ran out, with a look of surprise on her face but otherwise in good condition. I believe the fox sprayed her or something, so I grabbed my dog by the collar and took her inside. I later called Heidi’s vet as a precaution.

I got my camera, ran back to the  yard, but I could not find the fox.  I later read that foxes, like coyotes, can jump fences. Maybe it jumped the fence when I took my dog in the house or maybe it was still hiding in my yard somewhere when I came back out. I went back inside so I wouldn’t stress it out any more just in case it was still around.

If it wasn’t for my dog or  the humans living there who spend so much time outdoors, I believe my yard would be a good home for a fox.

Little Red Fox, thank you for visiting.

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